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HumanaNatura regularly receives questions on whether our recommended nutritional practices should be varied by blood type. The quick answer is no – at least not at this point and perhaps not for the foreseeable future.

The idea of varying our eating patterns by blood type first emerged in the mid-1990s. Though the approach became and remains moderately popular, it has been sharply criticized as lacking a basis in hard science (as being a typo about typing). Importantly, many of its recommendations are significantly at odds with core principles of natural human nutrition and HumanaNatura’s Natural Eating technique in particular.

There is of course little question that blood type has physiological implications, and a new Harvard University analysis that compares blood type with stroke risk underscores this point. In the new analysis, researchers compared longitudinal data from two long-term observational health studies involving roughly 90,000 people. They found that people in the studies with Type O blood had a lower relative incidence of stroke, while people with Type AB blood (and women with Type B blood) had a greater rate of stroke over the course of these still ongoing studies. The new analysis shows correlation only and does not offer insights into what might cause the differences, but the results are consistent with other research showing that Type O blood clots less rapidly than other blood types.

Although the new research does not suggest lifestyle changes based on blood type, it is a good example of the type of research that would be needed to advance claims that nutritional changes based on blood type are warranted. Absent such research, HumanaNatura’s nutritional guidelines apply to all blood types, unless contraindicated by a physician on an individual basis, reflecting our best available science.

Our guidelines advocate a lifelong diet based principally on raw vegetables and fruit, with enough lean animal meats and tree nuts to meet our protein and caloric needs. You can learn more about our nutritional and other lifestyle guidelines via our comprehensive Personal Health Program and see our recommended diet graphically via Natural Food Pyramid.

Photo courtesy of Human Circulatory System.

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