Natural Truth Campaign

Welcome to HumanaNatura’s Natural Truth campaign!

Our Natural Truth campaign takes on common natural health, fitness, and quality of life proposals, and looks to see if they fit the facts or come up short.

In the campaign, all health-related ideas are fair game – including popular health-related beliefs, medical and professional orthodoxies, mainstream and alternative models for modern life and health improvement, and practices impacting our planet’s ecosystems and human sustainability.

Health Fact Vs. Fiction

Why HumanaNatura’s Natural Truth campaign? Simply put, we are all surrounded by a great deal of health and quality of life information in the modern age. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, much of this information turns out to be misinformation.

Many of us of course sense the large and still growing body of health misinformation around us. This important feature of contemporary life is in part a product of the ease of communication in an Internet age. It is in part a consequence of the lingering effects of pre-modern and pre-scientific thinking, and the natural inertia of widely or passionately held ideas more generally. More subtly, it in part reflects our modern isolation from nature, and often limited immediate consequences from even significant errors in our health judgments.

In any case, modern health misinformation not only reduces the quality of our health understanding, it also can lead to general skepticism about the natural health field and alternative models of human flourishing more broadly. And just as importantly, health misinformation and skepticism can lead to greater health rationalization and resignation – feelings that we can or must accept our health and lives as they are, since we see only questionable or dismissible alternatives.

What a predicament – especially since the reverse is true. In our time, and through progressive science, we now have new, verifiable, and transforming natural health and quality of life enablers at hand!

Natural Truth Reviews & Ratings

Given this urgent need and human development opportunity to replace health misinformation with reliable facts and ideas, and to transform health skepticism, rationalization, and resignation into informed, positive, and then progressive health action,  the scope and goals of HumanaNatura’s Natural Truth campaign are timely and important.

To make the science of our natural health clearer and more accessible, and to separate modern health fact from fiction, we review common natural health ideas and proposals that span HumanaNatura’s four science-based natural health techniques – Natural Eating, Natural Exercise, Natural Living, and Natural Communities.

In all our Natural Truth reviews, we assess the credibility or information quality of a health-related idea, and then give the idea or proposal an evidence-based 1-10 rating, using the following rating scale:

Natural Truth 1-10 Rating Scale

  1. Almost certainly false
  2. Nearly absent evidence
  3. Weak evidence
  4. Shrinking evidence
  5. Limited evidence
  6. Notable evidence
  7. Growing evidence
  8. Strong evidence
  9. Dominating evidence
  10. Almost certainly true

In practice, our Natural Truth campaign is a simple but powerful new way of using an evidence-based approach to turn modern health-related misinformation, skepticism, and resignation into progressive learning and action, which is the essence of HumanaNatura’s proposals for modern natural life.

HumanaNatura’s Natural Truth reviews include:

HumanaNatura welcomes your feedback and comments on our Natural Truth reviews and ratings, as well as suggested ideas for future Natural Truth reviews.

We hope our Natural Truth campaign will prove valuable to you, and encourage you to learn more about HumanaNatura, and our science-based and truly transformative natural health system.

Tell others about HumanaNatura…give the gift of modern natural life!

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