Ten Reasons To Use HN-100

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If you are new to HumanaNatura, or just want to increase your mastery of our four natural health techniques, you may want to check out HN-100. As the name implies, HN-100 is our free 100-day health and fitness program, designed to introduce HumanaNatura’s revolutionary, science-based natural health system to you in a progressive and step-by-step way.

NL HN 100 Snapshot

For people who like to learn by doing, or who like to cross off to-do list items, HN-100’s weekly activities can the best way to learn about HumanaNatura, explore progressive modern life, and quickly and naturally increase our health and fitness – all at the same time.

HN-100’s Benefits

HN-100 is designed to allow adults of all ages to steadily transform their health, fitness, and quality of life through a structured and easy-to-follow daily fitness regime.  HN-100 will progressively increase your health and fitness levels, while training you in HumanaNatura’s health techniques and preparing you to explore progressive natural living over time.

With HN-100, you will spend about an hour a day in health and fitness related activities, setting the stage for a sustained and important health commitment at this level throughout your life. At the same time HN-100 will allow you to experience firsthand the often startling benefits of HumanaNatura’s naturally complete and progressive approach to personal  health promotion.

So if you want to quickly get into the best shape of your life and lay the foundation for progressive lifelong health and fitness, HumanaNatura’s HN-100 Natural Fitness Program is waiting for you.

Need a specific reason to check out and begin HN-100? Here are ten:

> Reason #10: Covers all four of HumanaNatura’s health techniques

> Reason #9: Science-based and proven in practice around the world

> Reason #8: Requires no special equipment or expenses

> Reason #7: Introduces new ideas about modern life and health

> Reason #6: Likely to get you into the best shape of your life

> Reason #5: Prepares you for certification in the HumanaNatura system

> Reason #4: Once certified, you can start a HN-100 coaching career

> Reason #3: You will feel great…and probably live longer too

> Reason #2: The OurPlate meals are amazing!

> Reason #1: Makes life healthy & inspiring…the way it should be

HN-100 And You

If you want more information or reasons to explore HN-100, click-through to the HN-100 program to read about how the program works and what it covers.

Be sure to check out HN-100’s weekly list of activities and the 80 steps we will guide you through over 15 weeks, helping you to create your own personal health revolution through HumanaNatura.

With HN-100, give us an hour a day for 100-days, and we’ll give you the tools to naturally, progressively, and powerfully remake your life and health.

Tell others about HumanaNatura – promote revolutionary new life and health! 


Note: Before beginning HN-100 or any fitness program, please discuss your plans with a physician or health care professional qualified to assess your readiness for the program. All fitness programs include inherent risks and your use of HN-100 is subject to HumanaNatura’s Terms of Use. Never exercise in ways that are unsafe or beyond your physical capacity. Please Contact Us with any questions you have – free and confidential online coaching in the use of our health programs is an important  part of the HumanaNatura natural health system.

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