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By Mark Lundegren

Mark Lundegren

We all have our truths – ideas we believe to be accurate descriptions of ourselves and the world around us.

This is an overall or general fact of life. But it also applies more specifically (and often more critically) to our attempts to improve our health, well-being, and quality of life. And this fact begs the question, how do we know when our health-related truths are actually true?

The answer of course, as my title suggests, is by testing our truths. By this, I mean treating our health and well-being proposals as hypotheses, or as ideas or predictions that must be confirmed by objective information – and that must prove valid across varied and repeated tests of this kind.

Testing For Truth

Back From My Recent CAT Scan, Wondering What The Results Will Be

In practice, the testing of various health hypotheses takes at least three important forms: 1) research and analysis probing information that might both validate or invalidate our thinking, 2) short-term experiments that directly test key aspects of our health hypotheses, and 3) making and time-testing longer-term predictions about ourselves and the world.

Unfortunately, in health as in life, we often proceed without adequate testing of our truths, with two critical consequences. One consequence is that we may live with false health ideas, and thus sub-optimally and below our potential, perhaps throughout our lives. And we may promote our ideas through our actions, encouraging others to live as we do and in less than ideal ways.

A second consequence of inadequately testing our health ideas is that they naturally tend to multiply in number, and then conflict in content, since new health ideas are generally easier to create than dismiss. In many ways, this multiplicity of ideas aptly describes both the health and natural health fields today. In the name of health, we are now routinely admonished to eat, exercise, live, and relate to one another in widely different ways.

As I said, this will cause some of us to live with false ideas and below our health potential over time. But a more immediate and perhaps larger result of our many conflicting and inadequate health truths today is that many more of us may simply give up in frustration, and neglect our health outright, which is a pattern of life that seems at least as common as deliberate but misdirected health efforts in our time.

For these important reasons, bringing greater testing and new focus on evidence-based thinking to the natural health and personal development fields is a key goal of HumanaNatura. It is behind our strong and broad use of science in all of our online natural health programs and tools.

Our quest for more reliable natural health principles and practices is also the genesis of our Natural Truth campaign. Natural Truth is a relatively new but growing series of NaturaLife posts examining and testing key natural health ideas in circulation today – and pointedly aiming at ones that are likely less than wholly true, or patently false.

At a very personal level, this commitment to testing for truth is also behind my regular medical examinations, to help ensure that HumanaNatura’s natural health guidelines, which I carefully follow, do in fact work as predicted. Recently, as I approach my 55th birthday and nearly 15 years following the HumanaNatura diet (including its immediate predecessor formulations), I went a step further and took advantage of the opportunity of a full-body CAT scan to test for truth.

You can see a picture of me immediately after the scanning procedure in the photo montage above, complete with my hospital gown and IV lock. If you are considering having a body scan, I can tell you that waiting for your results are indeed the longest few hours of your life, as I had previously heard from others. Mentally, you hope for the best, and prepare for the worst – and many deep-seated ideas and personal wishes rise to the surface. Overall, it’s a stressful but clarifying experience, and not just in terms of our physiological health.

My CAT scan results? As a series of physicians have told me for years, my body scan confirmed that I have the internal physiology of a much younger man (by today’s standards). It also revealed that I am at present without medical conditions of any kind. And it suggested that I will be one of the healthier adults to pass through the scanning tube of my local CAT scan facility for some time to come.

These results, and those from my prior medical tests, are of course the experience of only one person following the HumanaNatura approach, but I hope they encourage you to explore our natural health programs more deeply (and to regularly test yourself and your health truths – and to share your results if you do).

Equally, I hope this post attracts the attention of researchers and encourages the greater study and active testing of HumanaNatura’s natural health programs, as deeply and broadly as possible. We are ready for this scrutiny and any reasonable health research commitment to testing for truth today should include a review of our new and growing approach to modern life and health.

Let me end this post by encouraging you to consider your ideas about health and modern quality of life, and to begin to actively test them for truth. As a next step, you might begin to learn more about HumanaNatura, our free science-based natural health programs, and our ongoing commitment to discovering and communicating the truth about our natural health.

Wishing you new health,


Mark Lundegren is a writer and teacher, and the founder of HumanaNatura.

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