HN’s 20 Natural Eating Guidelines

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The Natural Eating technique within HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program and underlying our companion OurPlate dietary model utilize twenty nutritional guidelines. Below, we provide a brief summary of all twenty guidelines.


HN Natural Eating: For Omnivores & Vegetarians, With Or Without Carbs

Overall, the guidelines distill our Personal Health Program’s survey of historical and contemporary dietary science, and seek to summarize and encourage optimal modern eating patterns – notably including but extending beyond ketogenic diets.

You can explore any or all of the Natural Eating guidelines and the science behind them in practice at OurPlate and more deeply via HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program. But the following summary should give you a good preliminary sense of our important and far-reaching proposals for optimal modern nutrition:

1. Raw Foods – recognize raw-edibility as a sign of food naturalness

2. Healthy Cooking – use cooking to increase food taste and nutrition

3. Proteins – ensure adequate but not excessive natural proteins

4. Fats & Oils – emphasize fish and other foods rich in Omega-3 fats and oils

5. Carbohydrates – avoid all sugary foods and have clear carbohydrate goals

6. Greens & Vegetables – should be at least half of our food intake by volume

7. Natural Animal Foods – wild-caught, free-range, and grass-fed are healthier

8. Dairy Products – use attentively within your personal fat and carb goals

9. Sweet Fruits & Cooked Starches – use or avoid, depending on your carb goals

10. Grains, Cereals, Legumes & Beans – ecologically and personally unhealthy

11. Processed Foods – avoid these foods in nearly all their forms

12. Food Allergies, Intolerances & Aversions – avoid these foods as well

13. Microbiome Health – crucial to health and promoted by Natural Eating

14. Vegetarian Eating – Natural Eating includes lacto-ovo but not vegan diets

15. Supplements & Probiotics – generally not needed, but four exceptions

16. Added Salts – often not needed or advisable, but four exceptions here too

17. Artificial Sweeteners – avoid but use as needed instead of sugary foods

18. Recreational Drugs – none except moderate sugar-free caffeine drinks

19. Fasting – daily eating windows and multi-day fasts can be very healthy

20. Food Ecology & Sustainable Eating – seek 100% sustainable eating

If you have questions or want more information on our Natural Eating nutritional guidelines, please see HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program. Feel free to comment below, or message us anytime via Contact HumanaNatura.

We hope this summary of our twenty Natural Eating guidelines is interesting and helpful to you.

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