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By Mark Lundegren


As previously announced, I have been at work since late 2020 updating the HumanaNatura natural health programs and supporting materials, and importantly converting them into book form as well. As you read this, I am in the midst of final proofreading of the updated materials and on track for the book’s publication in early 2022.

When this new book is published, the longstanding HumanaNatura natural health program website – still located at – will be closed down. Access to its materials will continue via the book, which will be available in both electronic and paper formats. The HumanaNatura website’s current companion blog will continue on, however, providing uninterrupted access to HumanaNatura’s many natural health articles, the graphical OurPlate dietary model (to be updated with the book’s publication), and the ever-popular HumanaNatura calisthenics poster.

HN Screenshot

If you are not familiar with the outgoing HumanaNatura website, its natural health programs, and its supporting materials, the above graphic is a screenshot of its home page. For the past two decades, this site has offered personal guidance and assessment tools for exploring naturally healthy modern eating, exercise, lifestyle, and community.

Most of the content of HumanaNatura’s natural health programs have found their way into the new book, though this material will be revised significantly overall and its format will be somewhat different. Key changes include: 1) putting the project of both personal and collective health into a larger and I think more helpful and motivating context, 2) reformatting and expanding the outgoing personal health program’s four natural health techniques into to seven natural health tools, 3) substantial revisions to the natural eating section of the personal health program and an updated OurPlate dietary model, and 4) extensive updates to both the community health program and community assessment worksheet.

In addition to these program changes, I wanted to highlight that the new book also will complete a long-planned three-book series, and in particular form the first of the three books in the series, even as it is the last of the works to be published as a book. This natural health trilogy of mine is an overarching project that has been guiding my writing for several years now, and in total explores natural health successively at a personal, social, and philosophical level. The other two books in this series and progression are The Seven Keys of Natural Life and Nature’s One Commandment, each already published and likely to be updated modestly during 2022.

If you have used the HumanaNatura natural health programs, either over the years or more recently, I would enjoy hearing from you with ideas and suggestions as I finalize work on the program revisions and book conversion. You can reach me anytime at

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Mark Lundegren is the founder of HumanaNatura.

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