It’s hard to deny that regular exercise results in superior health, well-being, and longevity. Not only does extensive science underscore this natural fact of life, even brief times with or away from exercise palpably impact our personal quality of life.

Given this – after a better informed, renaturalized, and attentive daily diet through Natural Eating – ensuring regular, optimal, and lifelong Natural Exercise is the second progressive technique in HumanaNatura’s four-part natural health system. Like Natural Eating, the HumanaNatura technique of Natural Exercise is fairly flexible overall, and centered around a few essential science-based health principles.

In the HumanaNatura system, we encourage a core Natural Exercise practice of at least 30 minutes of sustained daily walking or hiking, combined with brief calisthenics routines 3-5 days per week. Together, these simple, effective, and highly accessible forms of exercise take little of our time but prove remarkably powerful at renaturalizing our physical activity patterns and modern levels of health.

Almost universally, HumanaNatura’s Natural Exercise practices greatly increase our personal fitness and well-being, expand and renaturalize our daily experiences and life perspective, build new self-confidence and interest in life, and form an essential foundation of natural conditioning that other activities can complement, build upon, and benefit from.

You can learn more about optimizing your exercise practices and overall fitness through HumanaNatura, via the Natural Exercise section of our comprehensive Personal Health Program. You can also download a free copy of our Calisthenics Guide & Poster or order a professional-quality copy of our calisthenics poster through the HumanaNatura Marketplace. And to help you quickly begin and enjoy Natural Exercise, we offer helpful gear lists too.

The links above will take you to more information on the principles and practice of Natural Exercise the HumanaNatura way. As you will see, our approach is time-efficient, provides substantial fitness and well-being benefits, and sets the stage for new health awareness and progressive action across the totality of our modern lives.

We encourage your questions and comments about healthy exercise and the HumanaNatura natural health system via our Ask Us page.


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