It’s been said that no one is an island, that we are all part of a continent – or planet. This idea expresses an important set of modern scientific findings, underscoring our deeply social nature and the profound influence of community on our lives.

Put simply, community quality is a crucial and universal human health factor, in both nature and today. By this, we mean that the health or vitality of the community and people around us, as well as our personal relationship to our community and others generally, all matter greatly. Each impacts our immediate well-being and quality of life, as well as our longer-term health, vitality, and life opportunities. For these reasons, the final, most advanced, and often most transformative of HumanaNatura’s four health techniques is Natural Communities.

The technique of Natural Communities uses essential science exploring our evolved and beneficial social nature as humans, and our new modern reality of vast, overlapping, and health-influencing communities around us all. Against this backdrop, the technique asks us to consider the quality and health of both our social environments and our dominant or recurring roles and approaches in them.

In practical terms, Natural Communities helps us view our personal health and quality of life pursuits in a broader and more health conscious context. It allows us to better sense the essential natural health outputs and inputs that human communities and other social groups at once provide and require. Critically, the technique also encourages us to consider that community-focused, health-minded, and extrapersonal action, in itself, might be a natural source of modern personal health, meaning, and vitality – directly, through the act or process of socially-minded life, and indirectly, by improving the quality and health effects of our communities.

Within the HumanaNatura natural health system, the idea of attentive, health-seeking community involvement is a crucial part of our wide-ranging Personal Health Program, initially taken up as a lifestyle consideration within the technique of Natural Living and then more fully and expressly explored via the technique of Natural Communities. In this central aspect of the program, we challenge practitioners to explore both community conditions around us and community or extra-personal health actions as natural health enablers or opportunities in themselves, and notably as a key natural source of health-enhancing personal goals and actions for our Natural Life Plans.

The technique of Natural Communities is then presented in a more structured way in our innovative Community Health Program, which explores our natural need and modern opportunity for progressive, holistic community-level health advancement. HumanaNatura’s Community Health Program uses modern health science to highlight over 100 actionable community health factors, in twelve organizing categories, that we can act on to naturally promote progressive health, quality of life, and adaptiveness in our modern settings and therefore lives.

The links above will take you to more information on HumanaNatura’s essential technique of Natural Communities. As we take action in our lives to increase our personal health and quality of life, finding and contributing to healthy and enriching community becomes increasingly important and even essential to our own health and natural vitality. Natural Communities informs and helps us master this essential and enduring dimension of all robust natural human life and health.

We encourage your questions and comments about the importance of healthy communities and the HumanaNatura natural health system via our Ask Us page.


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