As we explore the foundational HumanaNatura techniques of Natural Eating and Natural Exercise, we prepare ourselves for more advanced opportunities for personal health, well-being, and quality of life waiting in the larger flow or process of our lives.

These varied and ranging fabric-of-life opportunities – often for profound new natural health and vitality – are the focus of Natural Living, the third and most personal technique in HumanaNatura’s four-part natural health system.

As its name suggests, Natural Living explores the health and vibrancy of our daily lives, including our dominant outlooks and values, our recurring choices and life patterns, our relationships with others, and our longer-term plans and goals.

Within the HumanaNatura system, the technique of Natural Living uses modern science to guide, inform, and encourage greater personal health awareness and sustained action toward superior life patterns – through a continual process of identifying, considering, and cultivating lifestyle health enablers available to us. In this work, our many, and even unending, natural opportunities for new personal health – via improved lifestyle choices amid modern freedom – are iteratively explored and used to transform our lives.

Natural Living accomplishes these crucial personal health outcomes through a simple but essential HumanaNatura practice – the creation, implementation, and ongoing advancement of an individualized, health-seeking, and goal-organized Natural Life Plan. In the technique of Natural Living, a repeating seven-step planning and learning process is used to observe and progressively improve our personal goals, choices, and actions. This planning process, in turn, is guided and informed by HumanaNatura’s innovative, science-derived Ten Dimensions of Natural Living.

As part of the personalized, progressive, and lifestyle-focused use of modern natural health science that is the technique of Natural Living, HumanaNatura offers self-guided Natural Life Planning Worksheets and our Natural Health Assessment Tool to aid identification of our top health and quality of life opportunities at each point in time.

The links above will take you to more information on healthier, renaturalized modern living through HumanaNatura and our crucial technique of Natural Living. Our seven-step planning process and ten dimensions are likely to lead to new perspectives on your life and health potential, and engender remarkable opportunities for new personal well-being and vitality, now and throughout your life.

We encourage your questions and comments about healthy lifestyle choices and the HumanaNatura natural health system via our Ask Us page.


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