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Essence of a walk

Whatever the weather and wherever you are, all walks are the same in important ways…bringing natural warmth and light to our lives…

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Growing case for vitamin D

Researchers at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital have found a new link between low vitamin D levels and immune functioning in infants. These latest findings add to the now rapidly growing body of evidence suggesting that extra amounts of this vitamin, naturally obtained principally through sun exposure, may be needed by many of us to promote optimal health. Other studies have highlighted the importance of vitamin D in a number of critical health areas, including bone health, weight management, immune functioning, brain health, and even cancer and multiple sclerosis prevention. Read more about the new study at Vitamin D & Infants.

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Perfection helps

We don’t need perfection to enjoy the benefits of time in nature, but it helps. Fortunately, nature so often offers us just this…

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Wake of the flood

After almost a week of rain, several HumanaNatura members and friends went for a hike in the hills…little did we know what nature had waiting for us.

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Our rich human legacy

Through new genetic analysis, scientists have now confirmed interbreeding between early east-migrating Homo sapiens and Denisovans, an offshoot of Neanderthals and descendents of Homo erectus people. Through similar analysis, researchers had previously confirmed interbreeding between Neanderthals and later north and west migrating Homo sapiens. Learn more about the new findings at Siberian Fossils.

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Longer days longer walks

Wherever we are, the  days are long or getting longer…a good time to make room for more time outdoors.

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Home chemicals & children

A new study by the Harvard School of Public Health raises concerns that the impact of some household chemicals on children may be significantly under-appreciated. Learn more at HSPH Child Chemical Study.

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