HumanaNatura Workout Poster

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We had a request to publish a photo-based, website and social media-friendly version of HumanaNatura’s popular Calisthenics Workout Poster…and here it is!

As you may know, the HumanaNatura Calisthenics Guide & Poster available on HumanaNatura’s health program website are in .pdf format, which is great for viewing, but not the best for sharing on websites and social media sites like Facebook.

The poster photo to your left is a .jpg copy of the full HumanaNatura Calisthenics Workout Poster, and includes all 22 core, intermediate, and advanced exercises from our powerful natural calisthenics program. Simply click on the image for a full-sized copy and URL.

Please also note that large, professional-grade copies of the poster are available via the HumanaNatura Marketplace at a modest cost, with all net proceeds helping to fund HumanaNatura’s worldwide health outreach efforts.

Feel free to bookmark this page for regular access, or you can find it anytime on HumanaNatura’s NaturaLife gateway blog by searching “poster” in the search box.

Tell others about HumanaNatura…give the gift of modern natural life!

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