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If you are looking for a copy of HumanaNatura’s Calisthenics Workout poster, you have found it.

Workout Poster 11x17As you may know, the HumanaNatura Calisthenics Guide & Poster available on HumanaNatura’s natural health program website are in .pdf format, which is great for viewing, but not the best for sharing on websites and social media.

The poster photo to your left is a .jpg copy of the HumanaNatura Calisthenics Workout Poster, and includes all 22 core, intermediate, and advanced exercises from our powerful calisthenics program. Simply click on JPG Workout Poster for a full-sized copy.

If you would like a higher-quality .pdf version of the poster, click PDF Workout Poster.

If you would like large, professional-grade copies of the poster, they are available via the HumanaNatura Marketplace at a modest cost, with all net proceeds helping to fund HumanaNatura’s worldwide health outreach efforts.

Feel free to bookmark this page for regular access, or you can find it anytime on by searching “poster” in the search box.

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HumanaNatura: Testing For Truth

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By Mark Lundegren

Mark Lundegren

We all have our truths – ideas we believe to be accurate descriptions of ourselves and the world around us.

This is an overall or general fact of life. But it also applies more specifically (and often more critically) to our attempts to improve our health, well-being, and quality of life. And this fact begs the question, how do we know when our health-related truths are actually true?

The answer of course, as my title suggests, is by testing our truths. By this, I mean treating our health and well-being proposals as hypotheses, or as ideas or predictions that must be confirmed by objective information – and that must prove valid across varied and repeated tests of this kind.

Testing For Truth

Back From My Recent CAT Scan, Wondering What The Results Will Be

In practice, the testing of various health hypotheses takes at least three important forms: 1) research and analysis probing information that might both validate or invalidate our thinking, 2) short-term experiments that directly test key aspects of our health hypotheses, and 3) making and time-testing longer-term predictions about ourselves and the world.

Unfortunately, in health as in life, we often proceed without adequate testing of our truths, with two critical consequences. One consequence is that we may live with false health ideas, and thus sub-optimally and below our potential, perhaps throughout our lives. And we may promote our ideas through our actions, encouraging others to live as we do and in less than ideal ways.

A second consequence of inadequately testing our health ideas is that they naturally tend to multiply in number, and then conflict in content, since new health ideas are generally easier to create than dismiss. In many ways, this multiplicity of ideas aptly describes both the health and natural health fields today. In the name of health, we are now routinely admonished to eat, exercise, live, and relate to one another in widely different ways.

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Making Cross-Quarter Progress

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Greetings from HumanaNatura at the cross-quarter! In the natural year, we are now halfway between the extremes of light and darkness of the past solstice and the more naturally balanced time of the coming equinox .

Right now is a great time to make extra progress on your Natural Life Plan, so that you have adequate completed actions and learning for the equinox, in another six weeks or eighth of a year, when HumanaNatura encourages plan review and renewal.

If you have not yet created a Natural Life Plan to guide your use and expression of the third HumanaNatura technique, Natural Living, our links will take you to our planning worksheets and seven-step planning process. Together, these resources will help you begin more intentionally health-centered and naturally progressive life in the days and weeks ahead.

Our newest member newsletter was released today as well, which is published eight times yearly in harmony with the natural year, providing updates on HumanaNatura’s resources, programs, and worldwide health campaigns. To receive future HumanaNatura newsletters or learn more about our global practitioner-advocate network, go to Join HumanaNatura.

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