Bistro Brunch Salad Meal

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Weekday or weekend, home or away, and with friends or not, there’s always something special about a generous and savored late-morning meal or brunch. And when we eat the HumanaNatura way and follow HumanaNatura’s OurPlate  healthy eating guidelines, brunches can be not only delicious and even luxuriant, but extra healthy too. Check out the sample meal photo and instructions below for an example of a rich and healthy brunch salad meal, and be sure to subscribe to follow our healthy nutrition and other informative natural health posts!

Please note that today’s HumanaNatura meal includes shellfish and is proportioned for both ketogenic (very low carb) and OMAD (one meal a day) eating – with about 2000 calories and 70 percent of them from fats. However, options are included in case you are vegetarian, eat non-ketogenically, or have meals more frequently than once a day.

Our sample meal begins by preparing an omelette with six eggs from pasture-raised hens, a cup each of cooked and shelled shrimp and chopped fresh cilantro, and just a bit of black pepper and curry powder. As the omelette cooks on medium-high heat, a generous raw salad is prepared with fresh arugula, two small sliced avocados, a bit of sliced brie cheese, coarsely diced cucumber and orange bell pepper, and a few grape tomatoes. When the omelette is done, it is quartered and plated as shown, and the whole meal is topped with olive oil and white wine vinegar, raw sunflower seeds, an optional shake of nutritional yeast, and black pepper and parsley flakes. This brimming brunch meal is then served promptly and eaten slowing, as with all proper brunch meals.

Options: If you are vegetarian – HumanaNatura supports lacto-ovo but not vegan diets – or have a shellfish allergy, the shrimp can be omitted or replaced with cheese. For a non-ketogenic version of the meal, replace one of the avocados with berries and/or a bit of cooked potato. If you eat more than once a day, the meal of course easily can be scaled down for fewer total calories. And if you require more calories, the meal can be made larger by adding more shrimp and veggies, or supplemented with nuts and celery to bring calorie and micronutrient levels up. In all cases, we hope you enjoy this beautiful, healthy, and health-inspiring meal!

Learn more about creating naturally delicious and optimally nutritious meals like this via OurPlate, HumanaNatura’s simple natural eating guide for designing optimally healthy modern meals. Experience how this science-based and 100% natural approach to our daily meals can change the way you eat, feel, and live. Sharpen your skills at making delicious and naturally healthy Salad Meals via our Salad Meal Overview. And explore the science and key principles of optimal Natural Eating through HumanaNatura’s comprehensive Personal Health Program.

Once you have begun eating the HumanaNatura way, you can explore your many opportunities for new, more natural, and healthier life between meals – via HumanaNatura’s comprehensive four-part system for modern natural life and health. Check out the overview of our free health programs and resources at About HumanaNatura.

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Making Cross-Quarter Progress

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Greetings from HumanaNatura at the cross-quarter! In the natural year, we are now midway between the naturally more evocative period of the recent solstice and the more balanced time of the coming equinox. Everywhere on earth, there is clear but unmistakable change – away from the depth of winter or height of summer and toward the relative balance of spring or fall in each hemisphere. It’s an ongoing rhythm of life on earth that touches us all.

A Moment in the Everchanging Light and Rhythm of the Natural Year

In the HumanaNatura natural health system, and as explained in our Mastering The Natural Year graphic and post, we recommend extra progress on our Natural Life Plans around each cross-quarter. At the equinox-nearing cross-quarters, this is so we have adequate completed actions and learning at the equinox – in another six weeks or eighth of a year – when HumanaNatura encourages reflection and updating of our plans.

If you have not yet created a Natural Life Plan to guide your use and expression of the third HumanaNatura technique, Natural Living, our links will take you to our planning worksheets and seven-step planning process. Together, these resources will help you to begin more intentionally health-centered and naturally progressive life in the days and weeks ahead.

From all of us in HumanaNatura’s worldwide natural health community, we wish you new health and happiness, at this and every cross-quarter.

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