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As planned, and as outlined in our last few community newsletters, HumanaNatura has just completed an extensive update of the Natural Eating section of our Personal Health Program. If you are tracking the iterations, the new nutritional materials are in their eighth edition, extending back to when HumanaNatura first launched in 2002.

In addition, while editing the Personal Health Program, we also used this opportunity to make a change to one of the Core calisthenics exercises in the Natural Exercise section of the program – specifically updating the Body Twists exercise in its entirety.

HumanaNatura…Evolving In Time, As With All Natural Things

The revised Personal Health Program and companion OurPlate dietary guide and graphic, along with revised versions of our stand-alone Calisthenics Guide and Workout Poster, are all now live online and can be accessed via the above links. Please note that the updated Personal Health Program and Calisthenics Guide are each labeled version 3.6, so you can be sure you have the latest editions. As mentioned, this now completed work substantially updates the HumanaNatura Natural Eating technique.

Please note that no other material changes were made to HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program and none were made to our Community Health Program. However, various supporting materials have been updated to reflect the Natural Eating changes, and these updated items are listed below:

Once again, the changes to the Natural Eating section are considerable, with substantial new material that nearly doubles the size of the Natural Eating technique overall. Among the new materials are expanded discussions of historical human diets and eating patterns, natural food intermittency and thus ketogenic fasting in human history, and the science of both intermittent fasting and ketogenic eating today.

Following on these points, we would add that special attention has been paid to better differentiate and also link the historical and modern dietary science discussions in the Natural Eating section. In addition, another notable change is that four model diets are presented and discussed in some detail, each with different fat-carbohydrate profiles. And while the Natural Eating section overall and its guidelines in particular will be familiar, all are significantly revised and updated.

Specific changes to the Natural Eating section include:

> Added discussion of modern dietary science consensus and controversy

> Expanded discussion of the naturalness of both fasting and low-carbohydrate eating

> Examination of the idea of essential carbohydrates

> Discussion and contrast of the pros and cons of four model diets with different fat/carbohydrate ratios

> Offering ketogenic eating as an option within Natural Eating

> Updating of the OurPlate graphical model to reflect this option

> Encouragement of at least short-term exploration of ketogenic eating as a tool to reduce hunger and increase dietary control – notably during the transition to Natural Eating and as needed over time

> Discussion of long-term ketogenic eating

> Consideration of ketogenic eating during pregnancy, lactation, and childhood

> Expansion of the fasting discussion, including added information on daily intermittent fasting, as well as the use of water and electrolyte fasts for weight loss

> Encouragement of daily intermittent fasting

> Discussion of healthy body fat levels in women and men, and girls and boys

If you have questions or suggestions on these changes, please let us know. You can comment below or message us via Contact HumanaNatura anytime, and with whatever is on your mind.

In the meantime, we would welcome and encourage your review of the new Natural Eating materials!

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Making Cross-Quarter Progress

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Greetings from HumanaNatura at the cross-quarter! In the natural year, we are now midway between the naturally more balanced time of the recent equinox and the more evocative period of the coming solstice. Everywhere on earth, there is clear but unmistakable change – away from the relative balance of fall or spring in each hemisphere and toward the depth of winter or height of summer. It’s an ongoing rhythm of life on earth that touches us all.

A Moment in the Everchanging Light and Rhythm of the Natural Year

In the HumanaNatura natural health system, and as explained in our Mastering The Natural Year graphic and post, we recommend extra progress on our Natural Life Plans around each cross-quarter. At the solstice-nearing cross-quarter, this is so that we have adequate completed actions and learning at the solstice – in another six weeks or eighth of a year – when HumanaNatura encourages celebration of our lives, communities, and successes.

If you have not yet created a Natural Life Plan to guide your use and expression of the third HumanaNatura technique, Natural Living, our links will take you to our planning worksheets and seven-step planning process. Together, these resources will help you to begin more intentionally health-centered and naturally progressive life in the days and weeks ahead.

Our newest member newsletter was released today as well, which is published eight times yearly in harmony with the milestones of the natural year, providing updates on HumanaNatura’s resources, programs, and worldwide health campaigns. To receive future HumanaNatura newsletters or learn more about our global practitioner-advocate network, go to Join HumanaNatura.

Tell others about HumanaNatura…give the gift of modern natural life!