Alternative Of Living Meat

Imagine having healthy meat protein in your diet, sustainably and without harm to animals. Based on current trends in the development of in vitro, synthetic, or living meat from animal stem cells, this should be a possibility for us within the next decade. Though the technology will take time to perfect and become accepted, it promises to allow a natural human diet without slaughterhouses or factory farms. It also promises food production with much lower resource inputs and environmental harm, including a lower overall carbon footprint. If you would like the benefits of a natural diet but avoid meat for ethical or ecological reasons today, this development promises new options for you in the future. Learn more about emerging “living meat” technology at Cultured Meat and In Vitro Meat.

Falling water

Feeling stressed, caught up in events but strangely not part of them? Find a quiet place and visualize falling water, forceful and uplifting even as it naturally and calmly descends – creating space to consider life with fresh eyes. If you can, plan a walk to the nearest waterfall or a special natural setting near you. When you arrive, find a comfortable spot and do nothing else for a while. Sit, exhale, stop, listen to the world outside you…

Pork redux

With new U.S. guidelines allowing gentler cooking of pork, we mark the change with a meal of grilled ground pork over a melange of sautéed red onion, pea pods, and slivered almonds, along with mixed greens, grape tomatoes, and diced cucumber…garnished with parsley, marjoram, coriander, black pepper, and just a bit of anise. Learn more about the new guidelines at Pork Cooking Guidelines.

Our natural place

Amidst the preoccupations and pressures of modern life, we sometimes seek escape…leading us to nature and new opportunities for renewal and perspective on life today. In this outward movement, we form and open a window on our earlier life together, our long natural history, and the essential nature of our health in all times…

Eggs and am

Stay home, make a nice breakfast, celebrate who you are…this one is a veggie omelet with mixed greens and berries…garnished with slivered almonds, parsley, paprika, coriander, and black pepper…

Upward life

Whatever our state of health, whatever the condition of our life, there is always new natural health and adaptiveness waiting for us. What dense fog or deep wood holds you back from new light, from new life, right now…can you name and begin to ascend from it? The work of lifelong progressivity is an essential aspect of the HumanaNatura technique of Natural Living. Learn more about it at About HumanaNatura.

Less is more

We ascend into nature and are made smaller – only a part of the world and not a world ourselves – even as we are enlarged and overflow from our journeying…

Low-salt strategies

The U.S. Institute of Medicine (IOM) recently released a report encouraging new polices to reduce salt consumption, based on research suggesting that a 35% reduction in U.S. salt intake would save 90,000 lives each year. One IOM member likened the need to reduce current salt consumption to that of trans fats. Based on the report, Harvard University and The Culinary Institute of America have jointly published a list of personal strategies to reduce daily salt intake, including greater vegetable consumption and use of flavorful herbs. Learn more about the IOM report and specific salt reduction strategies at Get The Salt Out.

Pound of cure

Sautéed curry pork on veggies with mixed greens and diced cucumber, mango, and tomato…garnished with parsley, paprika, coriander, marjoram, anise, and black pepper…