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Say Goodnight Twinkie…

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Hostess, the U.S. maker of iconic junk food that includes the Twinkie, is reportedly going out of business after an 80 year run. We can only hope so.

While we sympathize with workers displaced by the bankruptcy, from a health standpoint the chain of events leading to Hostess’ shuttering has to be seen as good news.

After all, the real story here is declining sales and a growing lack of market relevancy. People are buying less white bread and unhealthy sugar-rich snack foods, Hostess’ mainstays for more than two generations.

More than likely, the rights to the most well-known Hostess products will be purchased and these products will be produced again. Perhaps in new locations and at lower costs, in an attempt to keep these offerings alive in a world of growing health awareness and stalling demand for toxic food.

And while those of us prone to nostalgia may hope for a Hostess brand renaissance, at HumanaNatura we take a very different view and will say simply, goodnight Twinkie, and hope that it is a very long night indeed.

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Thanksgiving Salad Meal!

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With the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday upon us, we thought we’d show how a special and naturally healthy Thanksgiving meal can be made the HumanaNatura way and following HumanaNatura’s OurPlate guidelines. Other than the extra step of roasting a turkey breast, this meal is as quick and easy to make as it is festive and inviting to behold.

Our naturally healthier version of a traditional Thanksgiving meal begins with a turkey breast, which was oven roasted and basted periodically until done, and then allowed to sit briefly before slicing. Once sliced and while still warm, the breast meat is pared with a generous half-plate of greens, parboiled broccoli florets and thinly sliced red onion, diced cucumber, halved grape tomatoes, and chopped dates. The meal is then garnished with dried cranberries in keeping with the holiday, along with parsley, garlic bits, paprika, and black pepper. Extra satisfying and a reminder to give thanks, this holiday and at every meal.

Learn more about creating naturally delicious and optimally nutritious meals – at holidays and throughout the year – via OurPlate, HumanaNatura’s simple optimal eating guide and meal rating tool. And experience how this science-based and 100% natural approach to daily meals can change the way you eat, feel, and live. Perfect your skills at making delicious and naturally healthy salad meals that follow the OurPlate guidelines via the Meals tab above, our popular article Perfect Salad Meals, or the Natural Eating section of our comprehensive Personal Health Program.

Once you have begun eating the HumanaNatura way, you can explore your many opportunities for new, more natural, and healthier life between meals – via HumanaNatura’s complete and naturally open-ended system for lifelong and lifewide health and fitness. Check out an overview of our health programs at The Four HumanaNatura Techniques.

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Natural Truth: Organic Better?

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Are organically produced foods a healthier personal choice? A recent survey by Stanford University medical researchers of 240 prior studies investigating organic foods, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine and summarized at Stanford University, calls into question beliefs about the positive benefits of organic foods, in both absolute terms and in light of their generally higher cost.

The new Stanford survey findings, spanning a significant and varied body of research, are consistent with other research surveys that have found little immediate personal health benefits from consuming organic foods in the developed world.

The Scientific Evidence

Wikipedia defines organic food as “foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives.”

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