Monday morning

A little fridge foraging and five minutes in the kitchen…spicy seafood omelet with mixed greens, sliced strawberries, and a few pistachios…garnished with parsley, paprika, tarragon, coriander, and black pepper…ready for the week?

Why hike

You may wonder why we advocate walking and hiking as strongly as we do…or not. You can learn more about HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program at Why Hike.

Raining shrimp

Satisfying evening meal as a storm gathers strength outside…curry shrimp, red onion, and cut pea pods with chopped redleaf, julienne cucumber, and sliced grape tomatoes…garnished with pistachios, dried berries, parsley, tarragon, coriander, and black pepper…

Late breakfast

Wasn’t going to post, but it looked so good…simple omelet with mixed greens, diced orange and kiwi, and a few berries…garnished with pistachios, parsley, paprika, coriander, and black pepper…five minutes from hungry to ready!

How to live today

With each sunrise, the world asks us how we will live that day…what we will do and not do, will spend our time one way or another. We can use the day to increase our health and quality of life, and that of others, or spend our time less wisely and productively…how do you mean to live today?

Pan-fried pork

Tasty pan-fried pork, red onion, and broccoli with chopped redleaf and a melange of orange, tomato, berries, pistachios, and slivered almonds…garnished with parsley, paprika, coriander, and red pepper…

Reducing cold symptoms

When we can’t prevent a cold through healthy living, we can reduce its length and severity. A new meta-analysis of cold research has found significant relief via early use of zinc lozenges and tablets, reducing both symptom┬áseverity and duration. Learn more about the new study at Reducing Cold Symptoms.


Healthy start

A healthy start to a new day or new week can be as simple as a quick veggie omelet with mixed greens, berries, and diced orange…garnished with pistachios, parsley, marjoram, paprika, and black pepper, we are fortified for whatever challenges await…