3 thoughts on “Weather…whatever

  1. There are no excuses whatsoever not to exercise the Humana Natura Way! Just do some great basic bodyweight exercises until you are moderately tired, no straining trying to reach maximum reps to failure, as advocated by many fitness “gurus”. Add to this a refreshing walk in nature, and you have it all! Humana Natura and Charles Atlas are right on, “train, don’t strain”!

  2. You’re welcome! Maybe if each of us just tells as many people as we can about this program, and they in turn tell as many as they can…..the revolution might begin! Michelle Obama is right on in her program to get kids to exercise, and we need more spokespersons like this. I remember when I was a kid, we were out playing, moving, climbing, jumping, playing ball, running, etc., not parked in front of a computer or playing computer games for hours!

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