A sunlight economy

We moved closer this week toward a profound change in the way we all may live – the shift to a non-polluting and fully-sustainable sunlight-based industrial economy. This latest step was made by the the pioneering MIT research team led by Daniel Nocera, who announced creation of a new “artificial leaf” capable of low-cost and sustainable solar production of both energy and clean drinking water. As with related technology under development by the team, this newest variation uses commonly-available and non-hazardous materials to convert sunlight into oxygen and hydrogen. The general approach is expected to eventually outperform all other energy sources, measured by energy cost and total sustainable energy production, once technology refinement and mass-production are realized. Learn more about the team’s newest success at Artificial Leaf and view an extended presentation by Nocera on our future energy options and the prospect of a sunlight-based economy at Personalized Energy.

One thought on “A sunlight economy

  1. Mark… thanks for the video link. I’m really enjoying Nocera’s lecture, you were right. He’s such a great combination of high-intellect, humor, and humanity. I too am inspired and more hopeful for our planet and its people. Thanks again. See you Thursday.

    P.S.- Let me know when your website is ready to pre-view. I’ve been waiting with great anticipation for your grand re-opening 🙂 ScottT

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