Equinox pilgrimage

I’m just back from a week-long backpacking journey into California’s Sierra wilderness. This latest trek continues what has become an important part of progressive natural life for me: a routine-breaking pilgrimage into nature at the equinox to reflect on my life, work, perspectives, relationships, and plans. The photo below was taken at the 3644 meter (11,955 ft) Muir Pass, a striking setting about halfway on my route. The building is a stone emergency shelter, beautifully built in the round trullo style and dedicated to John Muir. My latest equinox pilgrimage was especially poignant, in part because of the drama of the high Sierras and because the trip came amidst a fairly significant turn in my personal focus and efforts. The trip yielded many heartfelt insights into my life today and future plans, and fresh ideas how each might be refined and infused with new creativity and vibrancy.

Because of the added natural balance that comes to us and our environment twice yearly at the equinox, through HumanaNatura I encourage use of this special time of the natural year for personal reflection and renewal of our goals and plans. Now, and each equinox, I hope you will find a way to examine your life and personal efforts over the prior months, and use it to renew and propel yourself forward into the months ahead. This might involve a backpacking trek into nature, as is my custom, or some other means to create needed space for reflection and the seeking of insights. If you do not yet have a life plan to visit and renew, Natural Life Plan will take you to HumanaNatura’s planning worksheets and get you started on your own plan and pilgrimage of the spirit.

– ML

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