This is it!

About as healthy and delicious a meal as you can have…raw fruits and veggies, marine protein from low in the food chain, and some seeds and olive oil for healthy fat. It took eight minutes to prepare, thanks to the modern miracle of frozen cleaned shrimp. So, what’s keeping you from eating this way every day? Learn the how and why of Natural Eating via HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program today!

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5 thoughts on “This is it!

  1. In your post I saw, “marine protein low on the food chain,” how does the distinction benefit natural heath? I have the resistance to marine protein due to the mercury and lead toxins. Do you have any wisdom to share regarding a rule of thumb when choosing marine protein? Do we memorize specific sources for our protein source. Regarding food combining and alkaline acidic balance in the body, I have heard combining fruit sugars with protein causes an imbalance in the the alkaline acidic balance in the body, any thoughts. Otherwise I may eat more seafood fruit combos.

    1. Hi Amanda, Great questions and I’ll take them in order: 1) Small fish and shellfish that are low in the food chain generally have less opportunity to pick up mercury and other metals through pooling (the gradual increasing of metal levels in tissue through the successive eating of smaller fish by larger fish) and usually are a healthier choice (assuming one does not have a fish allergy), 2) In our Natural Eating Guidelines (, HumanaNatura recommends limiting big game fish to 1-2 times per month while making fish at least 25% of our protein intake, thus encouraging regular meals that include small fish and shellfish, 3) Since there is limited science supporting the power of deliberate food combining, HumanaNatura does not recommend it, other than suggesting people avoid food combinations that cause personal discomfort or indigestion – in practice, this often involves avoiding large amounts of fruit with proteins, but adding a little fruit can be a great way to help make health-optimizing salad meals more enjoyable and our daily norm. Hope this helps. Health & best wishes, Mark

    2. Thanks Mark, Today I found I just had vegetables oil and salad and still had some digestive problems any thoughts, or will drinking a glass of hot water with my meal cook the healthy nutrients while in my body?

  2. It might, Amanda, but if you are going from mostly cooked foods to mostly raw, there may be a short transition due to the added fiber. If you are following our guidelines and have regular discomfort after meals for more than a few days, please send me an email and we can discuss. Thanks, Mark

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