Nutrition first

A new and nicely done article in The Independent discusses a common personal experience – finding that exercise alone will not make us naturally lean, healthy, and fit. The article includes the math and some of the science that explains why this so. The bottom line: we limit our natural fitness when we jump to exercise and do not first attend to the foundations of our natural health, especially food quality and quantity.

In practice, poor eating creates a high barrier to realizing our health and fitness potential, one that exercise usually cannot run over or around. This is in part because unnatural eating generally means excessive and unbalanced eating…often in the form of too many calorie-rich and artery-clogging fats, and too many fat-building and hunger-stoking carbohydrates.

Unnatural eating also brings foods into our diet that we are not evolved to eat, displacing natural foods required for fitness and leading to metabolic distortions that reduce our physiological health before we go out the door or to the gym. And, as the new article points out, most exercise increases rather than decreases hunger, which can ironically compound our fitness gap if our health promotion efforts did not begin by ensuring healthy natural nutrition.

Check out the new article at Does Running Make You Fat and see how HumanaNatura places natural nutrition before natural exercise in the overview to our four-part Personal Health Program.

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