Nurture thyself

Do you like the genes nature gave you? Though we perhaps all might like to make a few tweaks, the truth is that most of us have perfectly good genes – ones that will not keep us from long, healthy, and fulfilling modern lives – if we will simply and naturally nurture ourselves and our health, today and every day throughout our lives.

A great case in point comes from a new and quite large statistical analysis conducted by researchers at McMaster University in Ontario. The analysis was based on nearly 30,000 people worldwide who answered a lifestyle questionnaire and provided genetic information. In the study, the research team found that eating patterns were more strongly correlated with long-term heart health than the presence of specific genetic patterns known to increase cardiovascular risks.

The newest research can be seen as part of a growing body of related findings – covering most non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and many aspects of our cognitive health and well-being – that highlights the power and importance of lifestyle and choice, and an only secondary influence of our genes on healthy lifelong functioning. This important network of research confirms something we all know deep down, in the developed world at least: that we normally now have substantial power to control and increase our health and quality of life through our choices and actions.

Learn more about the new heart health research at Veggies May Outpower Genes. Explore the growing science of lifestyle patterns and their impact on health risks through the analyses contained in the World Health Organization’s new NCD Prevention & Control Campaign.

If you are ready to take new control of your genes and actively nurture yourself toward greater health and well-being, you can begin anytime and create a remarkable health-centered life via HumanaNatura’s four science-based natural health techniques and our complete, open-ended, and lifelong Personal Health Program.

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