Future natural

A key theme of HumanaNatura is using our past and natural health to inform our present and future health – the caption of one of our website photos reads “examining earlier life to guide modern life.” But this important goal for the use of science is often easier to understand in principle than practice, so we are always looking for examples to show and not just talk about our “future natural” ethos.

A great example of using science to make contemporary life progressively healthier was in the news this week, this time involving the breeding of a new “super broccoli.” Though coincidentally lower in sulphur, we’re sure the new breed of broccoli will still wrinkle the noses of many children, but it is very likely to make daily life at least a little healthier.

The new vegetable comes from the cross-breeding of a common domesticated variety of broccoli with a wild and less palatable variant that has much higher levels of glucoraphanin, a nutrient believed to help prevent heart disease. The result is a new and reportedly more delicious variety of broccoli with significantly higher levels of glucoraphanin. At HumanaNatura, we really like the project’s synthesis of the modern and the natural to enable new health and quality of life, and think it is a great metaphor for our science-based natural health system.

Learn more about the project at Scientists Grow Super Broccoli, and explore your options for fusing the present and the natural for a healthier future via About HumanaNatura and our comprehensive Personal Health Program.

Photo courtesy of Broccoli Bloom.

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