Little plans

We may have big plans, but it’s often our little plans that most make things happen. In the HumanaNatura natural health system, regular personal planning is encouraged via Natural Living, our third natural health technique.

Creating and implementing plans the HumanaNatura way involves three important and complementary areas of focus: 1) clarity on our personal mission or vision and long-term goals, 2) creative and pragmatic action in the short-run within these goals, and 3) ongoing learning and progressive improvement. Take away one of these essential aspects of planning and our plans (and lives) suffer – making them either too abstract, lacking context and motivating values, or insufficiently seeking and adaptive.

With a new month here, right now is a great time to consider or your re-consider your personal plans – both large and small ones – and how you might best spend your time this month. You can learn more about the importance of progressive life planning via the Natural Living section of our comprehensive Personal Health Program and access our easy-to-use planning worksheets at Natural Living Worksheets.

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