Defeating Zombies

If you are a gamer or occultist looking for zombie-slaying tips, this story isn’t going to help. But if you personally would like to live longer and better in the real world, it just might prove informative and useful. New research by the Mayo Clinic has demonstrated the potential power of therapies to help us rid our bodies of older, non-reproducing “zombie” cells. These cells can build up with aging and/or reduced immune system functioning, leading to chronic tissue inflammation and a variety of resulting health impairments, from cataracts all the way up to large-organ cancers.

In the new study, researchers genetically altered mice so that zombie cells could be destroyed at will via the administration of a drug. As hypothesized, they found that enhanced cleansing of these cells increased health and reduced symptoms of aging. Beyond highlighting a potential area for new anti-aging therapies, the study is important for at least other two reasons: 1) it is a different approach from other promising longevity research involving telomere (DNA tip) health, and 2) it may help to explain why daily low-dose aspirin therapies have been shown to reduce cancers (by preventing chronic tissue inflammation from zombie cells, encouraging their removal, or both).

Learn more about the new research at Defeating Zombies and see other NaturaLife stories on longevity science via Gains In Aging Research, which discusses research showing the importance of telomere health, and Aspirin Again, which covers recent research on aspirin’s role in cancer prevention.

Photo courtesy of Zombie Walk.

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