More than skinny

A newly released five-year study underscores there is more to health than being skinny, for men and women.

In the new research, scientists at the University of Oklahoma tracked the habits of roughly 4,000 middle to older-aged women. They found that daily consumption of sugary drinks was associated with a four-fold increase in blood fats know as triglycerides, important markers for cardiovascular disease. Importantly, the researchers observed that this association held for women who were not overweight, suggesting that an absence of visible weight-gain from these drinks does not signal an absence of underlying health impairment.

Though news reports have focused on the finding related to skinny women, we would note the study also found that sugary drink consumption was highly and expectedly correlated with increased waist fat and fasting glucose levels overall – indicators of increased cardiovascular and diabetes risks, respectively. The new study contrasts nicely with other research showing atherosclerosis (blood vessel plaques) among skinny people on unnatural diets that reduce carbohydrates but allow high dietary fat intake. In both cases, the lesson is clear: skinny does not always mean healthy.

Learn about the new study at Sugary Drinks Hurt Skinny Women and explore delicious health-promoting natural alternatives to junk foods of all kinds via the Natural Eating section of HumanaNatura’s four-part Personal Health Program.

Photo courtesy of Skinny Jeans.

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