Power of e-coaching

It’s not the first study to suggest that electronic health coaching works, but new research coordinated by Johns Hopkins University adds to an important and growing body of evidence suggesting that electronic health messages and online  health promotion programs can greatly improve individual health and quality of life outcomes…on par with in-person interactions, but at a fraction of the cost.

In the new research, the performance of high-touch, electronic-touch, and no-touch weight-loss programs were compared across more than 400 obese men and women over a two-year period. The researchers found that the high-touch and electronic-touch programs were about equally effective at reducing weight over the period, with the no-touch approach (intended as a control group) trailing significantly behind. The new research is consistent with similar findings in other health areas – see for example Smoking Textation – underscoring the power of e-coaching for greater health.

The new study and related research point to the power of electronic media and online tools to positively alter our health orientation and behavior generally, and even to counter widespread modern messaging that encourages health-reducing attitudes and choices. We therefore encourage you to infuse your personal electronic environment with positive and health-affirming messages, perhaps beginning by receiving regular health-promoting ideas and inspiration from HumanaNatura by subscribing to NaturaLife.

You can learn more about the new research at Remote Weight Loss Works and sign up to receive HumanaNatura’s electronic health newsletter at Join Us. You can also access and explore all of HumanaNatura’s member-supported online health programs and tools for free at HumanaNatura, Personal Health Program, and Community Health Program.

Photo courtesy of Mouse.

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