Warm & Sunny Autumnal Salad

As the winter solstice approaches in the north, it’s time to add new light and bring the south to our meals and lives. This delicious autumnal salad combines spicy pork, shrimp, and yellow and green onions with a plateful of mixed greens, julienne-cut avocado, cucumber, and persimmon, and length-cut grape tomatoes…all garnished with roasted sunflower seeds, parsley, paprika  coriander, and red pepper. A plate of warm and sunny feelings, even on a cool and light-starved day.

Learn how to make delicious salad meals like this via the Meals tab above or our popular article Perfect Salad Meals. And explore our science-based guidelines for healthy natural nutrition through the Natural Eating section of HumanaNatura’s comprehensive Personal Health Program.

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