HumanaNatura’s Seventh Edition

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By Mark Lundegren


I’m pleased to announce that the new seventh edition of HumanaNatura’s programs and primary website are now all live and ready for you to review. Go to HumanaNatura to see the updated materials.

Long planned and almost a year in development, I am delighted to have the new materials up, and to see how far HumanaNatura has come since the first generation of our programs went online, way back in 2002.


HumanaNatura’s Seventh Generation – Better, Broader & More Interactive

I’ve written about the program and website changes in several of our community newsletters, when the seventh edition was in its planning and development stages. In case you missed these, and now that everything is live, let me recap what has changed, beginning with substantive changes and then highlighting secondary refinements:

> Personal Health Program (link) – HumanaNatura’s core natural health program has been extensively re-written, with numerous substantive changes, many editorial alterations for improved readability, and the addition of hundreds of inline research cites for further reading. Key substantive changes to the program include:

– Overall – new emphasis of the ecological health benefits of the HumanaNatura approach

– Our Past – discussion of the ecological harmony of earlier hunter-gatherer life; exploration of the history of human population levels, natural population dynamics and sustainability, and natural birth control; discussion of natural alpha-cycle and beta-cycle functioning (an idea from my recent first book, The Seven Keys Of Natural Life)

– Natural Eating – discussion of the environmental benefits of the HumanaNatura diet; inclusion of yogurt (but not milk and cheese) based on its potentially favorable ecological health impacts and at least neutral personal health effects for many people; greater emphasis on green eating and the goal of a low BMI score; discussion of bacterial flora health; discussion of the naturalness of cooked starches and the moderated role they can plan in a modern natural diet; inclusion of intermittent, partial, and water fasting as options within a natural diet

– Natural Living – greater discussion and emphasis of both natural and modern sustainability practices

– Natural Communities – added discussion of modern community and social sustainability strategies; extensive revision of the Community Health Program, including addition of a new model for finding and mobilizing community health activists, Our Future section of the program re-named Natural Communities

> Community Health Program (link) – this important HumanaNatura program has been extensively re-written and revised as well, primarily for readability, and approximately 50 new inline research cites have been added for further reading. Overall, this program has not changed substantively and the Community Assessment Form carries over unchanged for the time-being.

> Stand-Alone Calisthenics Program (link) – the introductory sections of this popular HumanaNatura program have been updated to match corresponding changes in our larger Personal Health Program, from which all of the Calisthenics Program materials are drawn. Importantly, there have been no changes to the calisthenics exercises and descriptions, nor to the program’s companion work-out poster.

> Simplified Page Structure & Navigation – a number of HumanaNatura website pages have been deleted, either because we have judged them no longer needed or because they contained material that duplicates content in our program PDF files (and thus added to site administration costs without significant benefit). In addition, the top menu navigation links to these deleted pages have been removed as well. These web page and navigation deletions include:

– Program subpages & links – all secondary program pages have been deleted from the website, but the main Personal Program, Community Program, and Calisthenics Program pages all remain – and each contains updated PDF files of their respective programs. In addition, all of the online calisthenics exercise instructions pages remain, and can be accessed via the Calisthenics Program main page.

– Testimonials page & link – deleted

– Meal Ideas link – deleted

– Reading List page & link – deleted

> HN Overview Presentation – this PDF slideshow, accessed via the About Us and Personal Program pages, has been updated to reflect the above program content changes

> Updated Web Page Text – the following pages have updated text, in all cases for improved readability and/or messaging:

  • Welcome
  • About Us
  • Note From Mark
  • Join Us
  • Personal Health Program page
  • Community Health Program page
  • Calisthenics Guide & Poster page
  • Health Quiz

> New Self-Assessment Button – a new clickable button has been added to the website’s left navigation area, better publicizing and taking people to our existing natural health self-assessment tool. The destination assessment tool page has been re-named as well.

> Not A Robot Challenges – are now included on our Contact, Ask, Join, and Submit Article pages, all to reduce the volume of spam we receive.

Overall, the seventh edition changes represent a significant step forward in the breadth and rigor of HumanaNatura. I look forward to your review of the new materials, and welcome your comments and feedback, either below or via the Contact Us page on our website.

Mark Lundegren is the founder of HumanaNatura.

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