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By Mark Lundegren


I am pleased to advise that preliminary work has begun on creating a book version of HumanaNatura’s natural health programs.

In the meantime, our comprehensive Personal Health Program and innovative Community Health Program remain accessible at HumanaNatura.

As you may know, I developed the HumanaNatura materials over a twenty-year period of learning, testing, community feedback, and periodic revision. Today, other than some pending changes to the nutritional information, I consider the programs complete, and my interest in converting the materials into a book format reflects this view.

In addition to refining the HumanaNatura programs, I have been writing about health-based life more broadly the last few years, including publication of my Seven Keys of Natural Life. This book of natural health practice is based on core ideas developed during the creation and refinement of HumanaNatura. It shows how key areas of modern life can be approached more naturally and beneficially, via a process I call the Natural Strategy method.

More recently, I have been at work on a companion book, this one almost entirely philosophical and centered on understanding why a health-centered approach to life is naturally superior. The new book, Nature’s One Commandment, is due to be published in 2020, and I am well into final proofreading now.

If you have used and benefited from the HumanaNatura programs, I would enjoy hearing from you with ideas and suggestions, as I plan and then begin work on the book conversion.

You can reach me anytime at

Health & best wishes,


Mark Lundegren is the founder of HumanaNatura.

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