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Mixed seafood & greens

Spicy ginger-infused mixed shellfish with mixed baby greens, diced kiwi, and a few berries…garnished with pistachios, parsley, paprika, coriander, lemon, and black pepper…

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New horizons

New horizons wait for us in every direction…which one will you choose?

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Stagnation or innovation?

A nice summary of Tyler Cowen’s controversial new e-book, The Great Stagnation, is available at NYT The Experience Economy. Cowen proposes that the world has already fundamentally changed in developed nations…even that a post-industrial, post-materialist age began in the mid-1970s. Many see signs of stagnation in the developed world today, but does this view miss an entirely new future – one that is already robust and here, just not widely distributed yet?

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Edge of a storm

Is your first feeling fear or excitement…do you want to walk away from it, or into it?

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Breakfast in paradise

Overflowing veggie omelet with chopped greens, orange pieces, and mixed berries…garnished with a toss of pistachios, parsley, paprika, coriander, and black pepper…a good start to the day!

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With spring

In the northern hemisphere, the earth has begun to answer our winter hopes…with spring

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Ginger-curry catfish

Delicious pan-Asian sauté of catfish, red onion, parsnip, bell pepper, and pea pods with chopped redleaf, cucumber, and grape tomatoes…garnished with slivered almonds, parsley, marjoram, coriander, lemon, paprika, and black pepper…

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