Getting the real new economy

A new article by Mark Lundegren, The Real New Economy, has just been published by HumanaNatura. In the article, Mark explores our current transition to a digital economy and the important opportunities this creates for healthier life and work today. Examining how and why we work, in pre-industrial settings and in the developed world, Mark concludes that we all can and should take new advantage of our changing times to restructure the ways and reasons we work. In his wide-ranging discussion, Mark examines trends in and predictions about our emerging “techonomy” and argues that we are in fact in a “new age,” one where total wealth and opportunity now exceed what is needed to optimize our personal health and collective quality of life for the first time in history. Read Mark’s thought-provoking and perhaps change-motivating new essay at The Real New Economy.

Photo courtesy of Working Over Lunch.

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