Epicurus 3 – HN 10

The Greek philosopher Epicurus sought the way to the happiest life possible. Contrary to beliefs he advocated hedonism – a mistaken notion that has perhaps helped his fame endure – Epicurus actually advocated a simple life focused on three pursuits: 1) friendship, 2) freedom, and 3) thought. More than two thousand years later, in the modern age and using principles of evolutionary and health science, HumanaNatura guides people to greater quality of life in a similar way. Our solution overlaps with Epicurus but extends well beyond his ideas. The HumanaNatura system involves four core health techniques and the mastery of ten dimensions of natural living, each working to produce more optimal individual and community life. Learn more about our science-based natural health system at About HumanaNatura and explore for yourself the science and power of our new approach to the ancient challenge of life well-lived.

Photo courtesy of http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Epicurus_Louvre.jpg

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