See the light

We often hear about seeing the forest through the trees, but how about the light? It is a powerful learning to sense the trees and forests we all create for ourselves, intricate and pleasing shapes perhaps, ones that may give us needed shade and respite for a time, but that are not our full life in the light and horizons of nature. Can you name what is standing between you and your next level of health and natural vitality today, what most keeps you from even fuller expressions of your life and natural spirit? Always, there is something, even if we cannot immediately name it. If you need help with this important question of light and life, learn more about HumanaNatura and progressive natural living  at Natural Living or see a slideshow summarizing our science-based natural health system at About HumanaNatura.

Photo courtesy of Ken J.

2 thoughts on “See the light

  1. Wow. What wonderful and poetic empathy is woven into this paragraph. I can feel the Light from here! After many excursions into nature to recharge and restore, I can feel the Nature breathing through every inspired word here!

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