Remember Sleep

A new study by researchers at Stanford University underscores the importance of uninterrupted sleep, and not just an adequate duration of rest, in ensuring our natural health and functioning. In the study, the team subtly interrupted the sleep of mice without curtailing their total amount of sleep time, and found a significant reduction in memory and pattern recognition versus mice whose sleep had not been interrupted. As we have written about in other posts, the new study is a reminder that our sleep patterns offer an essential window into our personal health and well-being. Whenever our regular sleep patterns move from a natural norm, this is generally a symptom of reduced overall well-being and an opportunity for new health insights. Almost always, finding the root cause of our sleep disturbances creates a gateway to greater overall health and improved quality of life. If you or someone you know regularly awakens during the night, learn more about the new study at Fragmented Sleep.

Photo courtesy of Paul Sapiano

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