Accomplishing important things usually feels great, across a wide range of goals…whether achieving new personal devlopment, raising a child, or climbing a mountain. Today, many of us confine our goals and define our lives too narrowly. A frequent form of this involves emphasizing financial outcomes and outward status over heartfelt interests, critical natural health needs, and other contributors to quality of life. The usual result of this narrowing is a reliable one – life that is unnaturally limited and distorted, made less healthy and even less happy, with more work but reduced effectiveness in essential dimensions of  successful human life. An alternative to this common “wealth trap” today is to use available health science to re-balance our lives in key areas…between work and non-work activities, between extrinsic and intrinsic goals, and even between a pleasure-seeking and principle-expressing orientation. The result of this adaptive progression is similarly predictable – in this case, reliably increasing, deepening, and lengthening our feelings of success, while cultivating our health and that of others we influence with our actions. Learn about the modern re-balancing of life in this way via a new article just published by HumanaNatura, The Real New Economy, or by exploring HumanaNatura’s Ten Dimensions of Natural Living in your own life and goal-setting.

Photo courtesy of Paul Summers

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