Healthy Planking

Planking is the rage these days. Sometimes, it’s done simply by lying face down in odd places, other times with our upper, mid, or lower body lifted or suspended in the air.

The more advanced form of planking is usually more interesting to watch and even provides natural isometric conditioning – if unintentionally and sometimes risking injury.

Modern plankers will no doubt refine and expand their art, and soon will discover that a precursor to planking has been around for a while.

It’s called calisthenics, a long-developed natural health practice that traces its roots back to ancient times (the name comes from the Greek words “kallos” for beauty and “thenos” for strength). Other than walking, calisthenics are the most efficient way to naturally condition the body, with a great basic calisthenics workout taking less than ten minutes.

If you would like to experiment with planking the HumanaNatura way, and become stronger and more beautiful while you do, check out our comprehensive Calisthenics Program. It’s free, so go ahead, have a healthy planking on us, and send us your best photos!

Once you have begun planking the HumanaNatura way, you can explore your many opportunities for new, more natural, and healthier life between calisthenics exercise – via HumanaNatura’s complete and naturally open-ended system for lifelong and lifewide health and fitness. Check out an overview of our health programs at The Four HumanaNatura Techniques.

Tell others about HumanaNatura…create new life and health!

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