Breakfast of calories

Quick…is a big breakfast more or less healthy? Common wisdom often holds that a bigger breakfast is better for us – remember the old adage, “eat like a king in the morning and a pauper in the evening” – but new research suggests that smaller is better as far as breakfasts are concerned. The latest study was conducted by medical researchers at the Technical University of Munich. They tracked the eating patterns of almost 400 people, 3/4 obese and 1/4 of normal weight, and found that for both groups, larger breakfasts were closely associated with a higher daily calorie intake. Combine this study with other research suggesting that natural carbohydrate-eating early in the day reduces food and sweet cravings in the evening, and a pretty strong case emerges for a light breakfast of fruit and perhaps a small amount of protein. Learn more about the new study at Bigger Breakfast Bigger Calorie Count.

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