Got density?

No…not the lotta-muscle type this time, the clear arteries kind! Getting troublesome low density lipids (LDLs) out of our blood is good for cardiovascular health and personal longevity, as is ensuring healthy amounts of free-flowing high density lipids (HDLs). So, got density or want more? While genetics do play a role in promoting healthy blood chemistry, lifestyle matters more – especially ensuring optimal natural eating and exercise each day. There’s more: within a healthy overall pattern of natural eating, an extra focus on certain LDL-reducing foods can further promote cardiovascular health. In a recent study published by the American Medical Association, researchers found that generally healthy eaters on low-fat diets who consumed extra LDL-reducing foods lowered their LDL levels by 10 percent, thereby achieving a significant boost in heart health, compared with healthy eaters who did not employ this food-focusing strategy. For people following a HumanaNatura natural diet, this suggests three things: 1) steps to ensure regular consumption of tree nuts, 2) following our guidelines regarding lowered red meat intake, and 3) optimized natural eating that is dominated by raw fruits and vegetables (~2/3 of our daily food volume). Learn more about the new study at Foods That Reduce Cholesterol and review HumanaNatura’s important natural diet recommendations at Natural Eating The HumanaNatura Way.

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