New balance

Do you struggle sometimes to achieve healthy balance in your life? Most of us do and could use help to create new personal balance. If this is an area where you would like to be more effective, you may be interested in a new article by Mark Lundegren, Balancing Health & Happiness, that was just published by HumanaNatura.

In the new article, Mark examines a summary of happiness research by Richard Layard and discusses the role that health plays in ensuring our personal and general well-being. While many happiness researchers narrow their definition of health and place it among seven key contributors to modern happiness, Mark shows that once both happiness and health are better considered, the two converge into a nearly identical modern ideal – one that has important lessons we all can use to immediately have healthier and happier lives.

Click to Mark’s new article via HumanaNatura Featured Articles and learn more about his innovative health-based approach to personal and organizational strategy at Mark Lundegren.

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