Daily Aspirin For Greater Health

Aspirin was back in the news this week…and yes, it’s good news again. A new study published by researchers at the Universities of Newcastle and Leeds has found that a daily aspirin regimen signficantly reduced lower intestinal cancers in people who were at high risk of this illness. The new research used randomized clinical trials and involved nearly 1000 people from 16 countries who had been diagnosed with Lynch syndrome, a genetic condition that predisposes people to certain cancers. After two years, study participants who had taken a 600 milligram daily dose of aspirin were found to have a roughly 60 percent lower incidence of colorectal cancer than those receiving a placebo.

Although the aspirin dosage used in the study is not appropriate for most people on a daily basis, due to the risk of stomach bleeding and other side effects, earlier research has found significant reductions in large organ cancers, with few side-effect risks, via a sustained daily low-dose (81 milligram or less) aspirin regimen. The causal link for aspirin’s anti-cancer effects is not yet known, but researchers speculate that it may be due to its general anti-inflammatory properties or an ability to encourage natural removal of unhealthy cells, in both cases helping to preserve cancer-inhibiting tissue integrity.

Based on growing anti-cancer research (and well-established heart health studies) supporting daily low-dose aspirin supplementation for adults, and given its low-cost and infrequent side-effects, HumanaNatura now recommends this as part of our science-based Personal Health Program with a physician’s consent. Learn more about the new study at Aspirin May Reduce Colon Cancer and earlier research on daily low-dose aspirin supplementation at Aspirin & Cancer Prevention. You can also review HumanaNatura’s guidelines for low-dose aspirin supplementation at HumanaNatura Supplement Guidelines (see Item #7) .

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