Exercise – Our Fountain of Youth

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By Mark Lundegren

It’s hardly provocative to point out that exercise has important health benefits.

We all know this, even as many of us do not exercise enough to achieve essential natural conditioning and fitness. Other than eating naturally and avoiding harmful drugs and physical risks, ensuring adequate daily exercise is perhaps the simplest and most direct means we all have to encourage lifelong fitness and vitality.

What is more provocative to say these days is that exercise is our fountain of youth. This is a statement many of us will find too strong, even as exercise research increasingly supports exactly this conclusion. Just as medieval explorers combed the world looking for the source of our vitality, modern people still generally long to understand and achieve lasting youthfulness and robustness – but notably, in a world that is far more secure and informed, and thus more health-friendly, than in the past.

Now, our centuries-old wish for natural robustness and lasting vitality must confront modern health science and its finding that almost all of us can have a long and youthful life if we want one. What is most required to achieve this, in a world that has been made safer and less harried by infectious diseases, is a simple but sustained personal commitment to our natural health, including care with our overall lifestyle and enough exercise to approximate our health-essential activity patterns from earlier natural life.

A recent meta-analysis by the University of Iowa, combining the findings of over 100 studies of the effects of exercise on brain health, underscores this new and health-critical but still greatly under-appreciated fact of modern life. Though we are often encouraged to engage in intensive exercise, and many of us avoid exercise because of such expectations, this new analysis of recent research suggests that a far easier, more enjoyable, and healthier middle path exists between the extremes of inactivity and high-intensity exercise.

Consider these important and perhaps unexpected research findings:

  • Brain health is strongly correlated with daily exercise
  • This correlation occurs at all age levels – in kids & adults
  • Both aerobic and resistance workouts promote brain health
  • Aerobic exercise is more associated with multi-tasking ability
  • Resistance exercise is more associated with mental focus
  • Moderate brisk exercise such as walking is most effective
  • Intense exercise offers diminishing improvements to brain health
  • Exercise in adults can prevent and reverse brain tissue loss
  • Multiple areas of the brain can be regenerated via exercise
  • Important cross-brain functioning is enhanced via exercise

Coming on the heels of growing research suggesting that sedentary and health-indifferent living can perhaps double our risk of Alzheimer’s disease, this broad body of findings offers an open and shut case for making moderate-intensity daily exercise like walking a key part of our lives.

Ideally, in keeping with HumanaNatura’s natural health goal of replicating our evolved  and health-essential natural activity patterns, we should all focus our attention not on the days we exercise, but on those in which we do not. Each day we go without exercise and natural conditioning in our modern lives, we progressively distance ourselves from our natural health and vitality, and reliably begin to age unnecessarily and beyond our actual years.

Read about the new brain health study at meta-analysis by the University of Iowa.

When you are ready to take definitive steps to increase your health and fitness, and create your own personal fountain of youth, you can address the majority of your most important lifestyle-related risks of accelerated aging through two simple and science-based HumanaNatura health techniques, Natural Eating and Natural Exercise. As your health improves, you then can tackle deeper natural health limitations and pursue waiting quality of life opportunities through HumanaNatura’s two more advanced techniques, Natural Living and Natural Communities.

Together, these four important techniques form HumanaNatura’s comprehensive natural health system and are explained in detail in our complete and naturally open-ended Personal Health Program. If you want to start by learning more about HumanaNatura and your key opportunities for modern natural health, go to The Four HumanaNatura Techniques on our website.

Mark Lundegren
 is the founder of HumanaNatura.

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