New Meal, Health & Freedom!

OurPlate Score: 10

Salad meal eating the HumanaNatura way and using HumanaNatura’s OurPlate guidelines makes every new meal an added opportunity for new health…and even for new personal freedom! Think of it this way – we all will eat roughly 1000 meals in the next year. To lay the foundation for progressive and enduring health and fitness in our lives, 900 or more of these meals need to be actively health-promoting. Less than this, and our eating patterns will reliably curtail our health and reduce our natural fitness, even if we exercise regularly.

Thus, with each new meal, we have the opportunity to add to our healthy meal count, and preserve our ability to have an occasional meal that is less than ideal. 100 poor meal choices and we have no more nutritional freedom for the next year…900 good meal choices and we create added personal flexibility each day. What’s it going to be?

This easy-to-prepare and strongly health-promoting salad meal might help you to choose healthier meals each day. It starts with a turmeric and red pepper seasoned sauté of cut turkey breast and mixed veggies. It then adds a half-plate of arugula, along with diced orange, and sliced tomato and avocado. It’s all finished with pistachios, parsley, paprika, coriander, and black pepper. A wonderful way to promote our health, and our life and freedom!

Learn more about creating naturally delicious and optimally nutritious meals through OurPlate, HumanaNatura’s simple healthy eating and meal rating tool, and experience how this science-based and completely natural approach to daily meals can change the way you eat, feel, and live. Perfect your skills at making delicious and naturally healthy salad meals that follow the OurPlate guidelines via the Meals tab above, our popular article Perfect Salad Meals, or the Natural Eating section of our comprehensive Personal Health Program.

Once you have begun eating the HumanaNatura way, we hope you will begin to explore your other opportunities for new, more natural, and healthier life between meals – through HumanaNatura’s complete and naturally open-ended system for lifelong and lifewide health and fitness. Check out our overview at The Four HumanaNatura Techniques.

Tell your friends about HumanaNatura… encourage new health!

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