Healthy Equinox Greetings!

Greetings from HumanaNatura at the equinox! In the natural year, we are at the halfway point between the extremes of darkness and light of the winter and summer solstices. Everywhere on earth, there is the greater relative balance and calm that naturally comes to our world twice each year with the equinox.

In the HumanaNatura natural health system, we recommend that practitioners use the opportunity of the equinox to review and update our Natural Life Plan, making changes as needed and renewing and revitalizing our commitment to progressive natural health and quality of life.

If you do not have a Natural Life Plan – guiding your use and personal expression of Natural Living, the third HumanaNatura technique in our natural health system – the link above will take you to our planning worksheets and help you to begin more intentional, health-centered, and progressive life in the days and weeks ahead.

Our newest community newsletter was released today as well, which is published eight times yearly in harmony with the natural year. To receive future HumanaNatura newsletters and learn about the benefits of membership in our global practitioner-activist network, go to Join HumanaNatura.

Tell your friends about HumanaNatura…promote modern natural life!

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