Exercise Naturally Creates Time!

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By Mark Lundegren

We often think that exercise takes time. In practice, however, this common assumption proves self-reinforcing but untrue. As people who exercise regularly know, physical conditioning is essential for vibrant and engaged life. For this reason, exercise actually or naturally makes time in our lives.

Walking Naturally Gives Us Health in Body, Mind, and Spirit

The persistence of the idea that exercise is time-consuming owes in part to the fact that we often see exercise as activity apart from the rest of our modern lives. Notably, this perspective is born from life that often unnaturally involves long periods of inactivity and sitting each day – in cars, trains, offices, homes, restaurants, and theaters.

Related to this is a modern outlook that fails to see physical activity in general as exercise, as a ready means to ensure natural conditioning – an essential natural health enabler and key HumanaNatura goal. So we sit and think about the modern challenge of exercise, instead of walking and naturally having this exercise as a daily part of our lives.

As a consequence of both outlooks – and the reduced natural health and functioning that inactivity inevitably causes in us – many of us are unnaturally inactive for many hours each day. In this compounding process, our reduced natural activity lowers our capacity for and interest in physical activity, creating an ever-widening gulf between our lives and our potential for vibrant natural health and fitness.

In this now common pattern of life, we fail to see our many opportunities for and the urgent benefits of a more naturally active and energetic life, instead lamenting our seeming lack of time, opportunity, and energy for exercise and naturally active living.

Creating Time Through Exercise

A series of lifestyle and exercise research studies, just published in The Lancet and timed to coincide with the start of the 2012 Olympic Games, strongly challenges these modern outlooks and behavior patterns.

This research reminds us that natural exercise doesn’t take time, but instead makes time – in the form of 1) longer lives, 2) more energized and happier life, and 3) greater effectiveness at prioritizing and pursuing our personal goals and commitments.

The studies and their many health-essential ideas were picked up in the popular press in the last few days…here is a sampling of the articles and key themes from the research:

Together, these important findings suggest a strong need and opportunity for far more active lifestyles around the world – have a look at the “by country” list above and you may be surprised at how inactive many of us are.

Perhaps more importantly, the research also remind us that naturally active living and natural exercise are life and health enablers – and to a far greater degree than we may realize from conditions of reduced modern health. Each creates both added time, in the form of longer and more effective life,  and added happiness and quality of life for us in each moment of time that we have.

Taking Action

If you are ready to take new steps to increase your level of activity and natural conditioning, now and throughout your life, you can begin to progressively promote lifelong natural health and quality of life through HumanaNatura’s four science-based natural health techniques – Natural EatingNatural ExerciseNatural Living, and Natural Communities.

Together, these four crucial techniques form the core of HumanaNatura’s revolutionary natural health system and are explained in detail in our comprehensive Personal Health Program.

If you want to start by learning more about HumanaNatura and your opportunities for more natural modern life and health, go to The Four HumanaNatura Techniques.

Mark Lundegren
 is the founder of HumanaNatura.

Tell others about HumanaNatura…encourage new life and health! 

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