7 Questions On HN’s 6th Edition

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In the weeks since the release of the new sixth edition of HumanaNatura in late July, we’ve had a number of questions on program changes, and have thought of a couple on our own that we think are important to answer.

HumanaNatura’s New Sixth Edition In Action

To help you better understand what has changed (and what has not), and to respond to questions about the new materials, we’ve put together a short Q&A highlighting key sixth edition changes to HumanaNatura’s website and health programs.

The following Q&A was just sent to all HumanaNatura members via our newsletter. Check it out!

Q1: Has HumanaNatura’s focus or mission changed with the new release? 

A: No. Our mission remains “promoting the science and power of our natural health in communities around the world.” The new website builds on this mission, adding new resources (discussed below) to improve and expand the way we do this.

Q2: Does the HumanaNatura system continue to include four health techniques?

A: Yes. The HumanaNatura system is still based on the same four health science techniques – Natural Eating, Natural Exercise, Natural Living, and Natural Communities – and remains designed to provide a “complete and open-ended approach” to modern natural health promotion, through its assimilation use of multi-disciplinary science and special focus on encouraging ongoing natural progressivity in our lives and communities.

Q3: Have there been significant substantive changes to HumanaNatura’s health programs, principles, and techniques?

A: No. The new sixth edition revisions to our techniques and our Personal Health Program and Community Health Program have been almost exclusively for improved readability, clarity, and accessibility. We have however added a new 100-day fitness program, called HN-100, which is available free via NaturaLife and discussed below. HN-100 spans both our personal and community plans and is intended as a structured introduction to the HumanaNatura system, for personal and professional/advocacy use.

Q4: What is the goal of HumanaNatura’s new certification program and how do I become certified?

A: Our new Certified Health Practitioner Program is designed for HumanaNatura members interested in credentialing in our natural health system, whether for personal or professional reasons. The program is also designed to help ensure fluency in our techniques by participants in our new Community Leaders Program and Health Alliance Network. HumanaNatura’s certification requirements are listed here, and include completion of a self-paced interactive test and adherence to our Ethics & Practice Policy.

Q5: Have the items in the Health Assessment Tool or Community Assessment Form changed with the new website release?

A: No. The items in these HumanaNatura resources have not changed. We will always clearly announce in this newsletter when we make changes to either of these important HumanaNatura tools.

Q6: Have any of the various downloadable documents on the HumanaNatura website changed with the new release?

A: Yes. All of the downloadable documents, except the Calisthenics Workout Poster, have been updated to reflect the larger website and program changes we have made. As indicated before, these changes are almost exclusively for ease of use and accessibility, rather than involving substantive changes.

Q7: Have HumanaNatura’s policies or terms for the use of its materials changed?

A: No, but we have clarified our use policies in two areas. One area involves clearer wording that HumanaNatura’s materials may be used without charge for personal and non-profit use. Commercial use thus requires licensing of the materials and our Health Alliance Network program creates a formal process for this. Unchanged is that HumanaNatura maintains its copyright on all materials on our website, but allows reprinting of these materials for personal use (any item-specific reprinting terms are included alongside the item on our website). The second clarification is that we have updated our Terms of Use, primarily to reflect the rise of social media (which we view as including the earlier information technology of bulletin boards and chat rooms). Per our Terms of Use, HumanaNatura continues to assume no liability for the use of our materials or programs by others.

We think this covers all of the key questions that have come up so far, or where we anticipate people will likely have questions as the updated website is reviewed and used. If you want additional information or have a question that is not covered here, feel free to contact us anytime at Contact HumanaNatura.

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