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Though HumanaNatura is a not-for-profit organization, this doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the power of commercial markets and firms to provide services and information efficiently and creatively. In fact, HumanaNatura actively seeks new and existing health entrepreneurs to deliver our comprehensive Personal Health Program in communities around the world. If you are interested in business opportunities in the natural health and well-being field, you owe it to yourself to learn more about HumanaNatura’s Health Alliance Network.

HN Health Alliances

Through our Health Alliance Network, HumanaNatura licenses commercial firms of all sizes to use our comprehensive Personal Health Program on a local or regional basis. Since HumanaNatura was founded to advance our natural health system, rather than produce a profit, licensing of our natural health system is extremely low-cost and normally only entails certifying instructors and supervisors involved in the delivery of HumanaNatura-based services.

Health Alliance Benefits

If you are planning or currently operating a health or wellness center or natural health consulting practice, here are some of the advantages of entering a health alliance with HumanaNatura:

> Modular Four-Part Approach — HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program is based on four essential and integrated natural health techniques: 1) Natural Eating, 2) Natural Exercise, 3) Natural Living, and 4) Natural Communities — which you can learn about at HumanaNatura Overview. In addition to helping shape the program and ensure its natural completeness and transformative power, our four-part approach to individual health promotion allows health centers and personal development consultants to offer the program as a progressive package of natural health services. This format encourages strong client relationships via immediate and naturally renewing health and quality of life coaching opportunities over time.

> Complete & Flexible Health Program — by licensing use of HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program and ancillary resources (including our popular Health Assessment Tool), you and your clients gain access to our ready-to-use, naturally complete, and revolutionary system for modern natural health promotion. Central to HumanaNatura’s new approach is our breakthrough step of making ongoing positive change — and thus naturally building or progressive personal development — a core imperative and natural health practice. And because of our unique emphasis on ongoing and open-ended health development, the HumanaNatura system is not only transformative, it is remarkably flexible too. In fact, our Personal Health Program is intended to be continually tailored to each person, using a HumanaNatura Natural Life Plan that is regularly evaluated and updated based on our progressive health potential and emerging quality of life opportunities.

> Science-Based & Proven In Practice — the HumanaNatura natural health system is 100% based on modern health science and involves a new cross-disciplinary integration of multiple health-related fields of science. The HumanaNatura system has been in development and use worldwide for more than ten years. Both program features help to give you high confidence that the HumanaNatura approach to health promotion will be both easy to use and impactful as a service offering, and that it will produce reliable and lasting client results and satisfaction. In addition, our program service staff is always a click away, ready to help you and your clients with questions and to provide assistance in the use and promotion of our natural health system.

> Unique & Transformative — as suggested already, HumanaNatura’s complete, science-based, and naturally more powerful system of progressive health promotion is unique among modern natural health approaches, and revolutionary in both principle and its ability to foster advanced states of natural health. With HumanaNatura, you and your clients can share in the benefits of a remarkable and rewarding new approach to health promotion that is truly lifelong and lifewide — encouraging ongoing breakthroughs to new states of client functioning and adaptive health. For service providers, our special emphasis on continuous progressive action naturally leads to satisfying client relationships and reliable new client referrals, making our system naturally valuable and enriching to both our Health Alliance Network service providers and their clients.

Next Steps

If you would like to explore a health business alliance with HumanaNatura and use of our Personal Health Program as a turn-key natural health offering, click-through to our Health Alliance Network page or simply contact us at for a detailed overview of our Health Alliance program.

With a HumanaNatura alliance, we’ll give your health business the tools to naturally, progressively, and comprehensively power your health-focused entrepreneurial efforts and transform the lives of the clients you serve.

Tell others about HumanaNatura – promote revolutionary life and health! 


Note: HumanaNatura’s programs and resources is free for personal and non-profit use, subject to preserving our copyright and servicemark, our Terms of Use, and any additional limitations noted in our materials. Commercial licensing and use of our Personal Health Program and supporting resources is available only through our Health Alliance Network and is always subject to an express “letter of authorization” from us. Contact HumanaNatura with any questions you have on your use of our programs and materials.

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