A Glimpse Into Our Ancient Past

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A marvelous and fully modern glimpse into our pre-agricultural past, and the many enduring lessons that this long-evolved pattern of human life holds for understanding our modern health and well-being needs.

This important documentary provides an overview of efforts to 1) catalogue the lifestyle and 2) trace the historical origins, via genetics and linguistics, of the black-skinned, hunter-gatherer Andaman islanders still living on remote islands in the Bay of Bengal (though now just barely).

First Out of Africa – The Totally Isolated Tribe of the Andaman Islands

For people using or exploring the HumanaNatura natural health system, the video provides tangible examples of many of the descriptions and ideas about earlier life contained in the Our Past section of HumanaNatura’s Personal Health Program.

Included in the video are modern-day examples of our original hunter-gatherer or Paleolithic diet, ourl lifestyle and social structure in nature, our intra-band behaviors and norms, and our varying inter-band relations (which were generally not as gregarious as within our bands).

Also included are ideas about our historical Homo sapiens ancestors’ departure from Africa within the last 100,000 years, and discussion of relatively new evidence suggesting our at least episodic interbreeding with pre-existing Homo erectus people living in central and southern Asia (who left Africa beginning more than 1 million years ago).

Importantly, the video also probes the effects of interaction between Paleolithic humans and more technologically and socially advanced people, highlighting a process that has occurred countless times since the Agricultural Revolution – as newer and materially more powerful modes of living encroach upon, displace, and upend earlier human life.

Overall, the video is enormously interesting on its own, but will be of particular interest to anyone studying or seeking palpable examples of earlier natural human life and considering the lessons of earlier life for modern-day life and health. We recommend the video highly!

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