Push-up pick-up

Need a quick pick-up at work or want to meet someone new at your favorite work-out spot? Try a two-minute push-up challenge. Whether it’s the most you can do in four 30 second sets (with good form) or ten super slow reps with five second holds at the bottom, a quick series of push-ups can freshen your mood and energize others. Learn more about our natural calisthenics program at HumanaNatura Calisthenics.

2 thoughts on “Push-up pick-up

  1. Jack Lalanne passed away today at age 96. He truly liked to help people, and he inspired me as a young boy as he did millions of others, to take better care of their health and fitness. May he rest in peace.

    1. Thanks for letting us know, Bob…I remember Jack on television when I was a boy and will always think of him fondly. He demonstrated the power of new focus on our health to enable a long and happy life.

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